SHAWN PERRY ​(Axl Rose/Vocals) Representing Axl Rose isn't exactly the easiest job in the world, but Shawn is no stranger to taking on the persona that is Axl. Shawn showcases a fine work ethic on stage, while reproducing Axl's antics and vocal range. On the flip side, he manages to maintain a cool-headed, laid-back aura when meeting with fans after performances for pictures and meets. You possibly can not be anymore satisfied with Shawn's vocal performance as it faithfully delivers flawless performances of Axl's high register at each show. Rest assured that when you see Shawn perform as Axl, you are witnessing the voice that can easily be mistaken for Axl's, if you close your eyes and get taken by the  musical performance.

JEFF McCUNE ​(Steven Adler/Matt Sorum/Drums) The beast, the machine, the glue that keeps Lose Your Illusion tight behind the kit is Jeff McCune. A true out-of-this-wolrd drummer that bangs the skins harder, louder, and better than any other Guns N' Roses drummer impersonator. Jeff delivers an intense and accurate beat for beat replication of the Guns N' Roses catalogue, with great precision and utmost delicate attention to detail, timing, and energy. The monstrous heartbeat that breathes life into every song we play and makes you want to get up and dance when you feel the music; will make the difference in the quality of performance that Lose Your Illusion always strives to make happen, and the force responsible is Jeff!

RON FOSTER ​(Izzy Stradlin/Rhythm Guitar) Holding down the fort for GN'R's crucial backbone and most underrated member, Izzy Stradlin, is Ron. Perhaps the best candidate to undertake the rhythm guitar duties for LYI, Ron is a well versed guitarist with extensive experience in the Tribute Band industry. His attention to the various different undertones, used by Izzy and his complimentary backing of Mano’s sound, have made a tremendous difference and definitely bring that authenticity factor that we, at Lose Your Illusion, pride ourselves on.

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MANO (Slash/Lead Guitar) ​​Much like the iconic legend that is Slash, Mano has an uncanny upbringing that is pretty similar when compared to Slash’s own, as well as a very close facial resemblance. Other similarities like being a foreign born Los Angeles transplant to being a self-taught guitar player, make you wonder if being able to capture Slash’s playing technique, sound, all that hair, and that “savoire faire” that seems only Slash and Mano are able to pull off, is really coincidence or something else altogether. Mano comes complete with meticulously reproduced guitars, amplifiers, and articles of clothing to fool you into thinking that, that might actually be Slash up there with Lose Your Illusion.

AARON SAMSON (Duff McKagan/Bass Guitar) ​The ground shakin’, thunderous steady sound, that glues the rhythm section together belongs to Aaron. As skilled and talented artist that Aaron is outside of our band, the decision of having him portray the infamously punk Duff McKagan, was unanimous and instantaneous. Aaron provides Lose Your Illusion with those strongly laid-out bass-lines, that made Duff an integral part of Guns N’ Roses’ original sound. In addition to the powerful control of his instrument, Aaron is able to bring out that punk element in the vocals for the songs in which Duff hijacks the microphone, or the complimentary back up vocals for Axl Rose.